Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861 – Akhirnya kekacauan terjadi di pernikahan Sanji dan Pudding!!!

Manga Spoiler adalah manga bocoran atau cerita bocoran pada chapter selanjutnya sebelum manga aslinya release (keluar). Dengan demikian Anda bisa tahu bocoran cerita dari Chapter selanjutnya sebelum orang lain tahu atau sebelum manga aslinya release. Di dalam artikel ini, Manga Spoiler One Piece bisa berupa gambar hasil scan, gambar HD maupun text berisi alur cerita. Sedangkan bahasa yang digunakan pada Manga Spoiler One Piece bisa berupa berbahasa Inggris, Jepang, Cina, Korea atau Indonesia. Semua itu bergantung pada sumber spoiler mana yang keluar duluan. Selain itu, perlu diketahui bahwa Manga Spoiler One Piece 861 ini didapatkan dari berbagai sumber di internet, sehingga kebenarannya dipastikan sangat akurat. Dengan demikian Anda bisa memprediksi jalan cerita dari One Piece pada chapter berikutnya tanpa harus membacanya terlebih dahulu. Sebelum Anda membaca Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861 alangkah baiknya jika Anda juga membaca beberapa cuplikan cerita pada Manga One Piece Chapter 860 yang berjudul ‘Pukul 10 Pembukaan Pesta’ terlebih dahulu di bawah ini :

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861

Sedangkan di bawah ini adalah Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 861 yang Anda cari-cari!

Teks Narasi

Judul : Acting Skills

Vito is trembling while spying the state of the tea party.
From the leaders from across the world, there are monsters such as the eldest son and Candy Minister Perospero, eldest daughter and Fruits Minister Compote, second son Katakuri, 14th daughter Smoothie, 3rd son Daifuku, and the 4th son Oven.

Vito: “I thought I felt reassured with our allies, but I shudder that the thought of being surrounded by all these enemies-rero”

On the table lies a picture of Carmel.
A first time guest inquires about the relationship between Big Mom and Carmel, and she gets furious about someone trying to encroach on a person’s memory.
The bosses give a mountain of presents in an attempt to put her into a good mood.

In front of the venue, Bege’s men report that they’ve blocked all the routes to the venue.
They also report that they’ve completed jamming all communications with the horned den den mushi. Bege produces from his body the mirror that they will use with Caesar to escape.
He sees everyone fast asleep when he looks into his body to confirm Luffy’s condition.
Jinbe communicated to him to wake everyone up ten minutes before the operation began.
An annoyed Caesar once again goes back inside his body, and Bege continues on by himself.

In the bride and groom waiting room, Pudding approaches Sanji.
Even though he knows it’s all a lie, he goes heart eyes for the show.
Sanji and Pudding enter the venue.
The wedding ceremony begins.

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