Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858 – Salah satu Super Nova akan beraliansi dengan Luffy lagi! Sebut saja namanya Capone Gang Bege!!

Manga Spoiler adalah manga bocoran atau cerita bocoran pada chapter selanjutnya sebelum manga aslinya release (keluar). Dengan demikian Anda bisa tahu bocoran cerita dari Chapter selanjutnya sebelum orang lain tahu atau sebelum manga aslinya release. Di dalam artikel ini, Manga Spoiler One Piece bisa berupa gambar hasil scan, gambar HD maupun text berisi alur cerita. Sedangkan bahasa yang digunakan pada Manga Spoiler One Piece bisa berupa berbahasa Inggris, Jepang, Cina, Korea atau Indonesia. Semua itu bergantung pada sumber spoiler mana yang keluar duluan. Selain itu, perlu diketahui bahwa Manga Spoiler One Piece 858 ini didapatkan dari berbagai sumber di internet, sehingga kebenarannya dipastikan sangat akurat. Dengan demikian Anda bisa memprediksi jalan cerita dari One Piece pada chapter berikutnya tanpa harus membacanya terlebih dahulu. Sebelum Anda membaca Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858 alangkah baiknya jika Anda juga membaca beberapa cuplikan cerita pada Manga One Piece Chapter 857 yang berjudul ‘Benteng’ terlebih dahulu di bawah ini :

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858

Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858

Sedangkan di bawah ini adalah Manga Spoiler One Piece Chapter 858 yang Anda cari-cari!

Teks Narasi

Ch. 858 Meeting

Pekoms is being treated by the Sun Pirates in the Eastern Bay.
He is worrying whether Jinbe told BM about what Bege is planning.
Aladine and Praline have been advising him to take it easy, but Pekoms felt suspicious about a figure that came into the bay in the middle of the night carrying cargo and attempted to go to BM but was stopped by the Sun Pirates.

Chopper meets with Luffy and Sanji at Bege’s hideout and takes a bath at Monster Gun Vito’s request. Vito recounts how his boss does not want to meet with dirty folks.

Switches to a Nami and Carrot bathing scene.
Nami discusses with Lola’s twin about her meeting Lola.
Her twin recounts about the day where BM became hated by the world’s giants, where Lola was proposed to by Elbaf’s prince Loki. With the bad blood with the giants being wiped away and gaining the army of the famous Elbaf, the strongest kingdom in the world, Big Mom cried tears of joy.

However, Lola ran away, and BM gave up trying to befriend the giants and began research into giantification. Since they are like peas in a pod, she thought that she (Chiffon) would suffer badly as well and would be killed one day.

3 hours and 30 minutes till the tea ceremony.
After Luffy and the others finish their bathing, they begin their meeting and discussion with Bege, but for some reason Ceaser appears at the meeting.
Bege has gotten his hands on Ceasar’s heart and helped him run away, making him one of his subordinates.

The meeting becomes hectic, but everyone shouts “NO!” to the question of whether they like Jinbe’s boss BM. Jinbe declares that everyone here is an ally, and that they are here to seek a temporary alliance.

Luffy: “What’s the plan!?”
Bege: “We’ll come up with a flawless one.”
Ceasar: “Let’s do this quickly! It ends here!”

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